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Space Pirates Getting HOT, HOT, HOT!

Sunday, August 10th, 2014
Solar prominence, imaged by NASA's SDO

Solar prominence, imaged by NASA’s SDO

Join us on Wednesday, Aug 13, at 9pm ET (Thursday 0100 UTC) for a “sun-tastic” edition of Space Pirates, featuring Solar Astronomy’s Stephen Ramsden! Hosts, Marty and Dianne, will chat with Stephen about our planet’s very own star, Solar Astronomy’s incredible outreach, the latest solar viewing equipment, and how you can safely observe the Sun up-close and even capture detailed images. We’ll also have the AFM chatroom open, so that you can join the conversation with your own comments and questions!

AFM’s Space Pirate Radio 2011.11.17: “What’s Up with the Pirates?”

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Join Captains Marty and Diane as they share tall tales
of the High Space Seas, on Space Pirate Radio!

  • Astronauts ride Soyuz to the International Space Station
  • What do you think was the first object to be called a planet?
  • Jupiter tonight!
  • Dante’s Solar System
  • October’s AAPOD winner
  • Constellations and asterisms in the Autumn
  • What’s the other evening planet?
  • Sunspots lately
  • Powering probes; Curiosity is getting ready for Mars

“Space Pirate Radio” and Astronomy.FM are sponsored by Global-Rent-A-Scope – GRAS THE Global Remote Telescope Network for Astromony. Imaging or Science.


PODCAST: Just Another Day; 2012 Debunked – July 26th, 2010

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

In this episode of “Just Another Day; 2012 Debunked” Bill and Hannah Hudson discuss the various claims made about the sun, and what it will supposedly do in 2012.

Dr. “Awesome” Ian O’Neill is our guest, and he fills us in on what the sun will, and won’t do.

You can find all of our episodes on our podcast page.

Under British Skies – Episode 4 – Solar Special

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Sunday at 20:00 GMT (9pm BST) will be the live broadcast of Episode 4 of Under British Skies.

This month, we will be talking about all things solar.  We’ve got an interview with Solar Expert Dr Lucie Green from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in Dorking, and Nick Howes tells us all about how to safely view and image the Sun in all its glory.

Plus all the usual discussion about the Sun from the team.

Don’t miss it!