Our Supporters

Astronomy.FM is an all-volunteer, user-supported organization. 100% of our funding is provided by our listeners, and every penny is applied to broadcasting expenses, which include hardware, software, hosting, servers, and bandwidth. Thank you, to all those who support us!

Foundation Members

JOSEPH BRIMACOMBE – Queensland, Australia


DACIO RIVERA ~ The Cosmos Gallery ~ Dacio seeks ‘to inspire, educate, and stimulate our sense of wonder and curiosity’ through beautiful oil-paintings that capture the natural elegance of our Universe. Dacio’s works include stellar nurseries, like The Swan Nebula; distant galaxies, such as Dance of the Fireflies; and even our own solar system, like Jupiter’s Red Spot. You can see more of Dacio’s art on his website, where many of the paintings are also available for purchase.

Sustaining Members

Blaine Barkey – Los Angeles, California, US

Safet Hamzagic – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Edward MacDonald – Kansas City, MO