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York University

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Join  Prof Paul Delaney, Kirsten,  and Sarah S  Live from York University In Toronto Canada On  and View though the York University Telescopes via the OPV  tonight live at 9 pm

York Universe’s Paul Delaney Awarded 2016 University Professorship

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

logo_hi-res-1024x576Congratulations to AFM*Radio’s York Universe host, Paul Delaney, who has been awarded a 2016 University Professorship, by York University’s Senate Committee on Awards! You can read the full story on York University’s Daily News site, here!

Hadfield’s Opportunity – York Universe Show Notes – 10 June 2013

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Hosts: Jesse, Harrison, and Paul (partially)
Title: Hadfield’s Opportunity

A big week for Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield as he announces his retirement from the corps. Harrison and Jesse fondly recall the highlights of his extensive and impressive career with the CSA. Are you an avid meteor shower observer? Hopefully you had a chance to check out the gamma Delphinids, a meteor shower last seen in June of 1930! Paul joined the show halfway through, mostly to make sure Harrison and Jesse weren’t pronouncing Aussie words incorrectly. This week in history the Hayabusa spacecraft returned from an encounter with Itakawa. It landed in Woomera, Australia. Thanks for listening all; show notes and podcast below.


Cruising with the QEII – York Universe Show Notes – June 3, 2013

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Hosts: Jesse, Lianne, Jen
Title: Cruising with The QEII

It was a busy week for space exploration as three new astronauts joined the ISS crew, ESA launched their ATV4 ‘Albert Einstein,’ and China prepares to launch to their own Space Station. Jen talked about mass concentrations on the Moon, Jesse chatted about our place in the Milky Way, and Lianne told us why going to mars will make you radiant. Show notes and podcast are below. Thanks for listening!


Ryan to Mars: An Unexpected Journey – York Universe Show Notes

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Hosts: Jesse, Lianne, Paul, Ryan
Title: Ryan to Mars: An Unexpected Journey

Back from a much needed rest, the York Universe team was full of energy! With so much to discuss (two week break and all…) and only an hour to chat, it turned into a very packed night! Among other news, the York Universe team attended the “What’s Up in Space?” event hosted by the Astronuts Kids Space Club to present to engage children with astronomy activities. Ryan pre-recorded an episode of Curiosity Corner…and then introduced it himself, showing that it is possible to be in two places at once. Finally, we discussed both Exoplanets and Giant Elliptical galaxies. Thanks for listening all! Podcast and show notes below.


The Spectacular York Universe 150th Episode Extravaganza

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Show notes for the 22nd of April 2013

Title: The Spectacular York Universe 150th episode extravaganza
Time: Starting 8 pm EDT (12 AM UT) – Ending 10 pm EDT (2 am UT)
Hosts: Paul, Ryan, Jesse, Lianne, Ted, Harrison, Sophia, Rob, John, and George
This episode was broadcast live via webcam to our Online Public Viewing (OPV) chatroom!

York Universe (originally named ‘Live from YorkU’) has been on the air for 3 years and counting. A multitude of hosts have been through our camp, and all of them have helped shape York Universe into the wonderful product that you hear today. Today we celebrate our 150th episode. A large milestone, and one we thought worth marking with a special show! We’ve invited back past hosts, organized a fun trivia challenge (for hosts AND listeners), and designed some debate discussion. To accommodate all the additional content we also broadcast a full 2 hour program (instead of our usual 1 hour). Thank you to all our hosts and volunteers, thank you to, and thank you very much to all our listeners without whom our show wouldn’t exist! See below for the show notes and the podcast.