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AFM_Space Pirate Radio 2018/04/19 Planet Stupid

Thursday, April 19th, 2018
Here are tonight’s links:
Marty brought up Astronomy Day:​stroday/astrodayform.html
Doug@NCO added these AstroLeague links:​rving.html​bsclubs/LevelObservingClubs.html
And here is what’s happening in the sky for the next week:
Tue, Apr 17, 19h Venus 5° N. of Moon
Wed, Apr 18, 02h Saturn stationary
Wed, Apr 18, 14h Uranus in conjunction with Sun
Thu, Apr 19, 05h Aldebaran 1°.1 S. of Moon, Occn.
Fri, Apr 20, 15h Moon at perigee
Sun, Apr 22, 22h FIRST QUARTER
Mon, Apr 23, 02h Pluto stationary
Tue, Apr 24, 20h Regulus 1°.2 S. of Moon, Occn.
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
Plus something might be going on with the sun:​data/realtime/eit_171/512/
TESS satellite was launched today​se/nasa-planet-hunter-on-its-way-​to-orbit​ews/speaking-of-science/wp/2018/0​4/16/nasas-newest-planet-hunter-w​ill-launch-monday-night-if-all-go​es-well/?utm_term=.905778c46800
Diane reported a narrow miss:​mart-news/asteroid-flew-earth-une​xpectedly-sunday-180968818/
The IAU makes it official:​18/04/features-on-mercury-charon-​receive-official-names
Then those moons:​18/04/martian-moons-likely-formed​-after-impact-with-ceres-sized-ob​ject
And lost planets:​s-provide-evidence-of-a-lost-plan​et-that-once-roamed-our-solar-sys​tem/​4/meteoric-diamonds-are-evidence-​of-long-lost-planets
Mercury has a “tail”?​earch-helps-explain-mercurys-magn​etic-tail/
Black holes getting ready to merge:​dented-dissection-of-twin-galaxie​s-in-final-stages-of-merging/
Crew member Twistedge added these links during the show:
Diamonds Found in a Meteorite Once Belonged to a Lost Planet in Our Solar System​mond-inclusions-meteorite-almahat​a-sitta-lost-protoplanet-solar-sy​stem
NASA Basically Missed a Huge Asteroid That Passed Unnervingly Close to Earth​nt-football-field-size-asteroid-s​urprise-flyby-earth
Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, gets its first official feature names​eases/2018/04/180412102856.htm
The Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Making An Appearance This Month​heads-up-the-lyrid-meteor-shower-​is-making-an-appearance-this-mont​h/
The search for the sun’s lost siblings​st-siblings-galah-survey-data-rel​ease
Now paleontologists know what colors graced these 200-million-year-old butterfly wings​-fossil-wing-color

AFM’s Space Pirate Radio 2018/04/12 Pirate Space Party!

Thursday, April 12th, 2018
Here are the links from tonight’s show:
First up, Yuri’s Night:
Also, Friday the 20th is Statewide (Michigan) Astronomy Night, the 21st is International Astronomy Day.​6952​stroday/astrodayform.html
Saturday is Christian Huygens birthday.​ristiaan_Huygens
And Sunday is Leonardo DaVinci’s birthday​lore/the-american-horse/
Along with possible Aurora chances, up in the sky we have:
Thu, Apr 12, 23h Neptune 1°.9 N. of Moon
Sat, Apr 14, 04h Mercury stationary
Sat, Apr 14, 09h Mercury 4° N. of Moon
Mon, Apr 16, 02h NEW MOON
Tue, Apr 17, 19h Venus 5° N. of Moon
Wed, Apr 18, 02h Saturn stationary
Wed, Apr 18, 14h Uranus in conjunction with Sun
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
Crew member Glenn posted this link:​onder/nasa-releases-virtual-tour-​of-moon-in-4k/vi-AAvGypy?ocid=ieh​p
Marty found some AAVSO notices:​t-notice-629
Diane brought the Space-X launch episode:​9/17215016/spacex-falcon-9-zuma-s​pacecraft-northrop-grumman-payloa​d-adapter
And she also wondered if life could exist in the clouds of Venus, well, she brought up the article anyway:​18/04/could-life-be-hiding-in-the​-clouds-of-venus
Finding black hole mergers in globular clusters:​/10/globular-clusters-may-host-mu​ltiple-generations-of-black-hole-​mergers/
Marty is bonkers for occultations:
Cassi popped this in the chat, too:​ttps%3A%2F%2Fastronomerswithoutbo​​line%2F4157-online-messier-marath​on-10th-edition.html&h=ATNtuL8i1q​35kl7Uyx9H52FulH37a7Huj6-ErfVgShG​iY6vi8vAZyywhmLf5EzXcgMPme9ETm1Hf​ISz2H2FucajsGuK-EnsrKGiBwCr5KS8Cw​SDE0F83vyV6ERVg0B6zovWDnmYbI-hWb6​GEkA
Twistedge added these links:
50 of the massive ancient drawings are considered new discoveries:
this is a good website to watch sat launches:
Interplanetary CubeSats to Mars:
Scientists Have Measured a Brutal Superflare From Proxima Centauri, Visible With The Naked Eye:​xima-centauri-destroyed-any-hope-​of-orbiting-life-by-emitting-a-pl​anet-scorching-superflare

AFM’s Space Pirate Radio 2018/04/05 Spectroscopic Zoo

Thursday, April 5th, 2018
Here are the links from tonight’s program:
No sunspots but something might be coming. Keep watching the SOHO website:​sunspots/
After Marty groused about daylight saving time, Diane brought up this bit about astrophysicists helping the environment:​environment-43546429
And what’s up in the sky for the next week:
Tue, Apr 03, 14h Jupiter 4° S. of Moon
Sat, Apr 07, 13h Saturn 1°.9 S. of Moon
Sat, Apr 07, 18h Mars 3° S. of Moon
Sun, Apr 08, 06h Moon at apogee
Sun, Apr 08, 07h LAST QUARTER
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
Marty suggests we check out how the Jovian moons are progressing:​ent.htm
Good news for you citizen science participants NASA’s planetary data system:
Marty came up with an AAVSO alert:​t-notice-627
And Diane found another:​t-notice-628
Mars orbiter came up with some interesting images:​re/jpl/pia22348/formations-in-con​text-or-what-is-it​01:_A_Space_Odyssey_(film)
And the farthest star ever seen…gets spotted:​dard/2018/hubble-uncovers-the-far​thest-star-ever-seen​4/hubble-images-farthest-star-eve​r-seen
Things that go boom in the night:​erious-cosmic-explosions-puzzle-a​stronomers.html
Holding up a yardstick to the sky:​makes-precise-distance-measuremen​t-to-one-of-the-oldest-objects-in​-the-universe/
And finally, Marty latches on to a black hole:​mers-view-black-hole-jets-deep-in​side-perseus-a/
Twistedge threw these links in the chatroom:
Center Of The Milky Way Has Thousands Of Black Holes, Study Shows-​two-way/2018/04/04/599437677/new-​study-shows-the-center-of-the-mil​ky-way-has-thousands-of-black-hol​es
Thanks to Incredible Luck, Hubble Caught a Photo of The Most Distant Star Ever Seen:​rus-blue-giant-most-distant-star-​ever-seen-hubble-9-billion-light-​years
NASA’s next exoplanet hunter set to launch on April 16, Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS):​d41586-018-03354-7
(ESA) tested a large parachute for their Mars ExoMars Rover landing set for 2021.​esa-just-tested-the-biggest-mars-​parachute-ever-to-land-its-new-ro​ver-in-2021/

AFM’s Space Pirate Radio 2018/03/29 Tian-GONE! Chop Shop

Thursday, March 29th, 2018
Faster Than a Speeding Bullet?
Here are tonight’s links from program:
Marty and Diane discussed observing opportunities coming up so…
Now for what’s up in the sky for the coming week-
Wed, Mar 28, 14h Regulus 1°.0 S. of Moon, Occn.
Sat, Mar 31, 13h FULL MOON
Sun, Apr 01, 18h Mercury in inferior conjunction
Mon, Apr 02, 12h Mars 1°.3 S. of Saturn
Tue, Apr 03, 14h Jupiter 4° S. of Moon
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
They also talked about the approaching clips opportunity in Chile so Doug _@_NCO popped this link in chat:​google/SEgoogle2001/SE2019Jul02Tg​oogle.html
Speaking of what’s up in the sky, something won’t be there much longer.
While Marty and Diane talked about the Chinese Space Station, Twistedge posted this link:
The current estimated reentry window runs from the morning of 31 March to the afternoon of 1 April (in UTC time); this is highly variable.​ce/2018/03/26/tiangong-1-reentry-​updates/
Blackprojects posted this radar image:​0cDovL3d3dy5zcGFjZS5jb20vaW1hZ2Vz​L2kvMDAwLzA3NS8xOTcvb3JpZ2luYWwvY​2hpbmEtc3BhY2Utc3RhdGlvbi10aWFuZ2​9uZy0xLXJhZGFyLTFhLmpwZz8xNTIyMDk​zNzE0
And this:​nmgJv7gZvtw
Of course more stuff is going up, too:​h-schedule/
Following the break for station ID, conversation went on to star near misses:​018/03/prehistoric-visit-nearby-s​tar-disturbed-comets-our-solar-sy​stem​15/02/a-close-call-of-08-light-ye​ars​18/03/wandering-star-shook-up-the​-prehistoric-solar-system
and Marty brought up this speedster:​mers-discover-runaway-yellow-supe​rgiant-star-moving-at-300000-mph/
They then got around to Barnard’s Star-​rnard%27s_Star
OK, who’s hiding the dark matter?​dard/2018/dark-matter-goes-missin​g-in-oddball-galaxy​nce/2018/mar/28/galaxy-without-an​y-dark-matter-baffles-astronomers
As the show wound down, Diane popped these two links in the chat:​18/03/alan-bean-the-artist-who-wa​lked-on-the-moon​se/nasa-s-webb-observatory-requir​es-more-time-for-testing-and-eval​uation-new-launch

AFM’s Space Pirates 2018/03/21 “The Show with No Name” (queue Ennio Morricone)

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018
Here are the links from tonight’s program:
First a discussion about the meaning of the word, “Equinox”
Overhead, in the night sky this coming week:
Thu, Mar 22, 17h Mercury stationary
Thu, Mar 22, 23h Aldebaran 0°.9 S. of Moon, Occn.
Sat, Mar 24, 16h FIRST QUARTER
Mon, Mar 26, 17h Moon at perigee
Wed, Mar 28, 14h Regulus 1°.0 S. of Moon, Occn.
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
So much for temporary manmade “stars”​ts/media/img/posts/2018/03/elec/4​a02e1d6e.jpg​nce/archive/2018/03/humanity-star​-satellite-crash/555965/
Watch out for falling space stations​hinas-space-station-could-fall-to​-earth-over-midwest/3243971/​ce/2018/01/12/tiangong-1-reentry-​updates/
The last of the non-mountain top based observatories is going out of service-​3/yerkes-observatory-is-closing-i​ts-doors
Local, for the Space Pirates anyway, son going back up:​/local/michigan/2018/03/21/drew-f​eustel-michigan-space-station-ast​ronaut/446153002/
Twins no longer…?​a-twins-study-confirms-preliminar​y-findings
Stop! Thief!​e-this-meteorite-from-a-science-m​useum-real-1823888280
Noble metals on Mars:​mpact-explains-unusual-amount-of-​noble-metals-on-mars/
Diane mentioned that Mexican astronomer, Guillermo Haro was celebrated in Google doodles today (March 21)​rbig–Haro_object#/media/File:HST_​HH47_image.jpg​rbig–Haro_object​illermo_Haro
Finally Marty posts this about new instrumentation on the ISS​dard/2018/nasa-powers-on-new-inst​rument-staring-at-the-sun
Blackprojects has been taking pictures:​96454@N03/40239709034/in/datepost​ed-public/​96454@N03/40906552382/in/datepost​ed-public/
Twistedge added these links in chat:
Robert P. Langlands Awarded 2018 Abel Prize​eleases/2018/abel
live bird cams​UCZXZQxS3d6NpR-eH_gdDwYA
Robert Langlands, Mathematical Visionary, Wins the Abel Prize Generations of researchers have pursued his “Langlands program,” which seeks to create a grand unified theory of mathematics.​obert-langlands-mathematical-visi​onary-wins-the-abel-prize-2018032​0/
Grand unified theory of maths’ nets Abel Prize:​d41586-018-03423-x​vis.html?tid=73018
Hubble Finds Relic Galaxy Close to Home unchanged in 10 billion years-​dard/2018/arrested-development-hu​bble-finds-relic-galaxy-close-to-​home
Scientists detect radio echoes of a black hole feeding on a star:​sts-detect-radio-echoes-black-hol​e-feeding-star-0319
Mars’ oceans formed early, possibly aided by massive volcanic eruptions​/19/mars-oceans-formed-early-poss​ibly-aided-by-massive-volcanic-er​uptions/
12 newly released Hubble images of Messier objects​dard/hubble-s-messier-catalog
An analysis of distortions in the cosmic microwave background reveals information about the gas inside large voids in space​-for/10.1103/PhysRevD.97.063514

AFM’s Space Pirate Radio 2018/03/15 3.141 Rates

Thursday, March 15th, 2018
Farewell to Stephen Hawking, RIP
Now for tonight’s links:
For Steven:​zSgiXGELjbc
Of course, it’s also “pi Day”
Diane says we should stop celebrating pi and start going with tau:​18/3/14/17119388/pi-day-pie-math-​tau-circle-constant-mathematics-c​ircumference-diameter-radius-holi​day-truth
Twistedge added this bit, 18 Ways NASA Uses Pi:​rn/list/oh-the-places-we-go-18-wa​ys-nasa-uses-pi/
From her recent visit to England, Diane visited Greenwich, among other places:​hn_Harrison#The_first_three_marin​e_timekeepers​metallic_strip#/media/File:John_H​arrison_memorial_02.jpg
And now, what’s coming up in the next week:
Thu, Mar 15, 15h Mercury greatest elong. E.(18°)
Sat, Mar 17, 13h NEW MOON
Sun, Mar 18, 01h Mercury 4° N. of Venus
Sun, Mar 18, 18h Mercury 8° N. of Moon
Sun, Mar 18, 19h Venus 4° N. of Moon
Mon, Mar 19, 16h Uranus 5° N. of Moon
Tue, Mar 20, 16h Equinox
Tue, Mar 20, 21h Ceres stationary
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
Marty found an AAVSO notice:​t-notice-620
Then we catch up with Steve:​dard/2018/nasa-needs-your-help-to​-find-steve-and-heres-how​dard/2018/mystery-of-purple-light​s-in-sky-solved-with-help-from-ci​tizen-scientists
With the equinox approaching, talk turned to the Zodiacal Light and:​bserving/take-the-gegenschein-cha​llenge101420151410/
Twistedge adds these links
Captain Cook Chronometers ( one of my favorite youtube channels )​bnQkKtMVPfg
Tiangong-1 reentry updates The current estimated window is ~29 March to ~9 April; this is highly variable.​ce/2018/01/12/tiangong-1-reentry-​updates/