Comet Watch June 2018 Asteroid Day with Prof Alan Fitzsimmons and Guy & Daniel from Northolt Observatories 

June 23rd, 2018 by Nick Evetts

Hello Everyone  this months show was recorded in two parts , First we Interviewed Prof Alan Fitzsimmons from Queens  University Belfast  and then our friends  Guy Wells and Daniel Bamberger form Northolt Observatories  joined us later for our  Asteroid Day show

The event we have planned  for Asteroid Day.

In case you’re watching: We took part in two of the documentaries shown Saturday (“Man vs Asteroid” and “How to survive an asteroid strike”).


People may also be interested to follow the Hayabusa spacecraft:

Ryugu seen from a distance of 220-100km

This may be interesting, too. We didn’t talk about it, as it was published the day after we did the recording:

In the show, Daniel the rate of impacts on the Moon. That’s from here:

Reading this again, it turns out the number I gave was wrong. The actual number of impacts is much higher.
Up to 20 per day But since I gave the number to illustrate there are a lot of impacts, having underestimated it shouldn’t be too bad.

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