AFM Space Pirate Radio 2018/05/31 And Then There Were Four

June 1st, 2018 by Nick Evetts
Here are tonight’s program links:
Catch it before it’s gone! A small group is decaying after a day of activity:
We lost more astronauts:
Moving on to what’s going on in the night sky:
Tue, May 29, 14h FULL MOON
Fri, Jun 01, 01h Saturn 1°.6 S. of Moon
Sat, Jun 02, 17h Moon at apogee
Sun, Jun 03, 12h Mars 3° S. of Moon
Wed, Jun 06, 02h Mercury in superior conjunction
Wed, Jun 06, 18h Neptune 2° N. of Moon
Wed, Jun 06, 19h LAST QUARTER
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
Marty talked about his visit to Yerkes Observatory. It may be closing soon, visit while you can.
Guess the cuisine on the ISS is not gourmet quality…
Then Diane wanders off beyond Neptune:
Going even further out, Marty brings up…
Diane mentioned Vesta:
Marty pointed out this about star cluster galaxies:
Twistedge popped these links in the chatroom
Gaia Turns Up 13,928 White Dwarfs Nearby the Sun
The Case of the Backwards Orbiting Asteroid
Coronal Rain on the Sun

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  1. William B. Secor, Ph.D. says:

    Clean up the act Paul Matt Sutter, hubris he calls his show “Complete knowledge of time and space”. In science there are no experts, as science is always subject to revision and disproving the hypothesis (null hypothesis) no one has complete knowledge of time, space the cosmos, NO ONE

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