The Event ^ Horizon 2018/05/04

May 5th, 2018 by Nick Evetts

A good show this week , Starstorm is not well and should be back next week



#MayTheFourth be with you if you find yourself facing down an Imperial TIE fighter, which looks a lot like the center of this spiral galaxy, named UGC 6093. Beautiful spiral arms swirl away from the fighter-shaped bar of stars crossing the galaxy’s core:​mages/potw1801a/ …
(Blackprojects): M3​96454@N03/41853606232/in/datepost​ed-public/​t-notice-633

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  1. William B. Secor, Ph.D. says:

    Non-sense, the human species will be struggling just to survive its extinction, and in fact might be too ignorant to prevent it, as was said, by Russell “mankind’s halfway cleverness”. The biosphere is falling apart, massive destruction, heat, tornadoes, flooding, drought, starvation polluted air, water and food. Go to Mars, ridiculous, we will not even be able to survive on earth. This guy is a looney tune, fantasy world.