AFM Space Pirate Radio 2018/05/03 Black hole and 7 Dwarfs

May 3rd, 2018 by Nick Evetts
Tonight’s links:
No “activity” with sunspots but we can count on coronal holes to trigger auroras:​/img/dailymov/2018/05/01/20180501​_1024_0193.mp4?_=1
Marty and Diane quickly launch in to galaxies:​3342/odd-couple-spiral-galaxies/​dard/2017/messier-87
And transits of Jupiter’s moons are coming up:
While there is nothing to see with the sun, we still have views to check out in the night sky:
Thu, May 03, 17h Venus 7° N. of Aldebaran
Fri, May 04, 20h Saturn 1°.7 S. of Moon
Sun, May 06, 01h Moon at apogee
Sun, May 06, 07h Mars 3° S. of Moon
Tue, May 08, 02h LAST QUARTER
Tue, May 08, 10h Vesta stationary
Wed, May 09, 01h Jupiter at opposition
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
Marty brought up the Eta Aquariids:​05/viewing-the-eta-aquariids-2018​/​sentials/everything-you-need-to-k​now-eta-aquarid-meteor-shower
Dwarf Nova V392 Persei Goes Big — It’s Now Binocular Bright:​stronomy-news/observing-news/dwar​f-nova-v392-persei-goes-nova-now-​binocular-bright/
The Insight mission is getting ready to go:
Of course there are always the occultations:​m/entersite.htm
New ideas about star formation:​scovery-challenges-the-laws-of-st​ar-formation/
Finally, Stephen Hawking’s final paper:​-hawkings-final-theory-about-the-​big-bang/​ews/taming-the-multiverse-stephen​-hawkings-final-theory-about-the-​big-bang
And a super black hole has pet black holes​18/04/the-milky-ways-supermassive​-black-hole-has-siblings

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