AFM_Space Pirate Radio 2018/04/19 Planet Stupid

April 19th, 2018 by Nick Evetts
Here are tonight’s links:
Marty brought up Astronomy Day:​stroday/astrodayform.html
Doug@NCO added these AstroLeague links:​rving.html​bsclubs/LevelObservingClubs.html
And here is what’s happening in the sky for the next week:
Tue, Apr 17, 19h Venus 5° N. of Moon
Wed, Apr 18, 02h Saturn stationary
Wed, Apr 18, 14h Uranus in conjunction with Sun
Thu, Apr 19, 05h Aldebaran 1°.1 S. of Moon, Occn.
Fri, Apr 20, 15h Moon at perigee
Sun, Apr 22, 22h FIRST QUARTER
Mon, Apr 23, 02h Pluto stationary
Tue, Apr 24, 20h Regulus 1°.2 S. of Moon, Occn.
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
Plus something might be going on with the sun:​data/realtime/eit_171/512/
TESS satellite was launched today​se/nasa-planet-hunter-on-its-way-​to-orbit​ews/speaking-of-science/wp/2018/0​4/16/nasas-newest-planet-hunter-w​ill-launch-monday-night-if-all-go​es-well/?utm_term=.905778c46800
Diane reported a narrow miss:​mart-news/asteroid-flew-earth-une​xpectedly-sunday-180968818/
The IAU makes it official:​18/04/features-on-mercury-charon-​receive-official-names
Then those moons:​18/04/martian-moons-likely-formed​-after-impact-with-ceres-sized-ob​ject
And lost planets:​s-provide-evidence-of-a-lost-plan​et-that-once-roamed-our-solar-sys​tem/​4/meteoric-diamonds-are-evidence-​of-long-lost-planets
Mercury has a “tail”?​earch-helps-explain-mercurys-magn​etic-tail/
Black holes getting ready to merge:​dented-dissection-of-twin-galaxie​s-in-final-stages-of-merging/
Crew member Twistedge added these links during the show:
Diamonds Found in a Meteorite Once Belonged to a Lost Planet in Our Solar System​mond-inclusions-meteorite-almahat​a-sitta-lost-protoplanet-solar-sy​stem
NASA Basically Missed a Huge Asteroid That Passed Unnervingly Close to Earth​nt-football-field-size-asteroid-s​urprise-flyby-earth
Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, gets its first official feature names​eases/2018/04/180412102856.htm
The Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Making An Appearance This Month​heads-up-the-lyrid-meteor-shower-​is-making-an-appearance-this-mont​h/
The search for the sun’s lost siblings​st-siblings-galah-survey-data-rel​ease
Now paleontologists know what colors graced these 200-million-year-old butterfly wings​-fossil-wing-color

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