AFM’s Space Pirate Radio 2018/04/12 Pirate Space Party!

April 12th, 2018 by Nick Evetts
Here are the links from tonight’s show:
First up, Yuri’s Night:
Also, Friday the 20th is Statewide (Michigan) Astronomy Night, the 21st is International Astronomy Day.​6952​stroday/astrodayform.html
Saturday is Christian Huygens birthday.​ristiaan_Huygens
And Sunday is Leonardo DaVinci’s birthday​lore/the-american-horse/
Along with possible Aurora chances, up in the sky we have:
Thu, Apr 12, 23h Neptune 1°.9 N. of Moon
Sat, Apr 14, 04h Mercury stationary
Sat, Apr 14, 09h Mercury 4° N. of Moon
Mon, Apr 16, 02h NEW MOON
Tue, Apr 17, 19h Venus 5° N. of Moon
Wed, Apr 18, 02h Saturn stationary
Wed, Apr 18, 14h Uranus in conjunction with Sun
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
Crew member Glenn posted this link:​onder/nasa-releases-virtual-tour-​of-moon-in-4k/vi-AAvGypy?ocid=ieh​p
Marty found some AAVSO notices:​t-notice-629
Diane brought the Space-X launch episode:​9/17215016/spacex-falcon-9-zuma-s​pacecraft-northrop-grumman-payloa​d-adapter
And she also wondered if life could exist in the clouds of Venus, well, she brought up the article anyway:​18/04/could-life-be-hiding-in-the​-clouds-of-venus
Finding black hole mergers in globular clusters:​/10/globular-clusters-may-host-mu​ltiple-generations-of-black-hole-​mergers/
Marty is bonkers for occultations:
Cassi popped this in the chat, too:​ttps%3A%2F%2Fastronomerswithoutbo​​line%2F4157-online-messier-marath​on-10th-edition.html&h=ATNtuL8i1q​35kl7Uyx9H52FulH37a7Huj6-ErfVgShG​iY6vi8vAZyywhmLf5EzXcgMPme9ETm1Hf​ISz2H2FucajsGuK-EnsrKGiBwCr5KS8Cw​SDE0F83vyV6ERVg0B6zovWDnmYbI-hWb6​GEkA
Twistedge added these links:
50 of the massive ancient drawings are considered new discoveries:
this is a good website to watch sat launches:
Interplanetary CubeSats to Mars:
Scientists Have Measured a Brutal Superflare From Proxima Centauri, Visible With The Naked Eye:​xima-centauri-destroyed-any-hope-​of-orbiting-life-by-emitting-a-pl​anet-scorching-superflare

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