AFM’s Space Pirate Radio 2018/03/29 Tian-GONE! Chop Shop

March 29th, 2018 by Nick Evetts
Faster Than a Speeding Bullet?
Here are tonight’s links from program:
Marty and Diane discussed observing opportunities coming up so…
Now for what’s up in the sky for the coming week-
Wed, Mar 28, 14h Regulus 1°.0 S. of Moon, Occn.
Sat, Mar 31, 13h FULL MOON
Sun, Apr 01, 18h Mercury in inferior conjunction
Mon, Apr 02, 12h Mars 1°.3 S. of Saturn
Tue, Apr 03, 14h Jupiter 4° S. of Moon
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
They also talked about the approaching clips opportunity in Chile so Doug _@_NCO popped this link in chat:​google/SEgoogle2001/SE2019Jul02Tg​oogle.html
Speaking of what’s up in the sky, something won’t be there much longer.
While Marty and Diane talked about the Chinese Space Station, Twistedge posted this link:
The current estimated reentry window runs from the morning of 31 March to the afternoon of 1 April (in UTC time); this is highly variable.​ce/2018/03/26/tiangong-1-reentry-​updates/
Blackprojects posted this radar image:​0cDovL3d3dy5zcGFjZS5jb20vaW1hZ2Vz​L2kvMDAwLzA3NS8xOTcvb3JpZ2luYWwvY​2hpbmEtc3BhY2Utc3RhdGlvbi10aWFuZ2​9uZy0xLXJhZGFyLTFhLmpwZz8xNTIyMDk​zNzE0
And this:​nmgJv7gZvtw
Of course more stuff is going up, too:​h-schedule/
Following the break for station ID, conversation went on to star near misses:​018/03/prehistoric-visit-nearby-s​tar-disturbed-comets-our-solar-sy​stem​15/02/a-close-call-of-08-light-ye​ars​18/03/wandering-star-shook-up-the​-prehistoric-solar-system
and Marty brought up this speedster:​mers-discover-runaway-yellow-supe​rgiant-star-moving-at-300000-mph/
They then got around to Barnard’s Star-​rnard%27s_Star
OK, who’s hiding the dark matter?​dard/2018/dark-matter-goes-missin​g-in-oddball-galaxy​nce/2018/mar/28/galaxy-without-an​y-dark-matter-baffles-astronomers
As the show wound down, Diane popped these two links in the chat:​18/03/alan-bean-the-artist-who-wa​lked-on-the-moon​se/nasa-s-webb-observatory-requir​es-more-time-for-testing-and-eval​uation-new-launch

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