AFM’s Space Pirates 2018/02/07 Drive-Thru on Mars

February 8th, 2018 by Nick Evetts

Skyguide Nick was listening to BBC Radio 4 Midnight News​r/bbc_radio_fourfm before the show
Aqua4U shared 2 links of his telescopes swing arm​=1u2lnSyT0um29TUi-xanJVwo36MAKht9​_
and​eases/2018/02/180201141432.htm Meet the ‘odderon’: Large Hadron Collider experiment shows potential evidence of quasiparticle sought for decade​ord-breaking-sunspot-strongest-ma​gnetic-field-sun-photosphere Astronomers Just Measured The Strongest Magnetic Field Ever Seen on The Sun​es2018/07feb18/hmi1898.gif?PHPSES​SID=i694bo184p338545hlvp26gia3​018/02/solar-system-seven-earth-s​ize-planets-may-contain-worlds-li​quid-water Solar system with seven Earth-size planets may contain worlds with liquid water​018/02/moon-s-unusual-bulge-may-i​ndicate-early-earth-had-no-ocean Moon’s unusual bulge may indicate early Earth had no ocean​er-light-survey-of-guatemalan-jun​gle-reveals-thousands-of-complex-​structures-roads-built-by-ancient​-maya Laser survey of Guatemalan jungle reveals thousands of complex structures, roads built by ancient Maya​clues-compositions-trappist-1-pla​nets-81237 New Clues to Compositions of TRAPPIST-1 Planets​18/02/spacex-livestream-of-falcon​-heavy-launch
and the Leonov​SX9bI/UBG4EGVlNSI/AAAAAAAAAQg/3A6​AAUUgfe4/s1600/Komrade_Alexei_Leo​nov_final_03.png

Mythbusters Moon Landing
Feb 5th Bright new storm outbreak captured on #Jupiter this morning by Anthony Wesley and myself. My image left and Anthony’s at right one Jovian rotation apart. Nothing was present at 21UT the previous day so very recent! Southern cloud band creeping around the GRS,( Images cc Damian Peach & Anthony Wesley)
Marty referanced​8-guide-best-meteor-showers The Complete Guide to 2018’s Best Meteor Showers​18/02/trappist-1-exoplanets​eso1805/?lang
The Moon has a exosphere​18/02/a-well-placed-cluster-puts-​a-distant-galaxy-under-a-high-pow​ered-lens​18/02/oldest-star-in-mw

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