Focus On: Tadpole Galaxy

February 5th, 2018 by Tavi Greiner


The Tadpole Galaxy, aka ARP 188 / UGC 10214, is a barred spiral galaxy that has been stretched and distorted by a long-ago interaction with a smaller galaxy. The resulting “tail” – an elongated region of dismantled stars, gas, and dust – spans a length of about 250,000 light years. The collision, itself, effected new starbirth, including some clusters hosting hundreds-of-thousands of new stars, two of which – seen as blue clumps in the tail – that will likely to form new dwarf galaxies.

This fascinating galaxy is located some 400-million-light years distant in the constellation Draco. The intruder galaxy is located another 300-thousand-light-years away and is visible through the Tadpole’s spiral arms!

FUN CHALLENGE: How many other galaxies can you see in this Hubble image?

Take a Hubble Image Tour of the Tadpole Galaxy!


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