AFM’s Space Pirates 2018/02/01

February 1st, 2018 by Nick Evetts

Thanks to Dale for the links…….

The Moon scores a Hat Trick! Super Moon, Blue Moon, and Blood (eclipsed) Moon!
Tonight’s links:
Here is an eclipse photo from Mr. Eclipse, Fred Espenak:

They talked a bit about the water issues for Cape Town:
We celebrate the anniversary of our first successful satellite launch:
Speaking of satellites, we discover an undead one:

Here’s what’s up in the sky:
Tue, Jan 30, 10h Moon at perigee
Wed, Jan 31, 13h FULL MOON, Eclipse
Wed, Jan 31, 13h Ceres at opposition
Thu, Feb 01, 19h Regulus 1°.0 S. of Moon, Occn.
Wed, Feb 07, 16h LAST QUARTER
Wed, Feb 07, 20h Jupiter 4° S. of Moon
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:
No mention of the sun, apart from its role in the lunar eclipse.
Diane had a thought or two about this opinion piece:
Marty came up with an of AAVSO notice:
Then we got this thing called a “Humanity Star”
Crew member Twistedge posted these extra links
Close-up on a giant star
Dark matter near black holes sends gamma rays from galaxy’s core

What’s Hiding Inside Egypt’s Great Pyramid? Tiny Robots May Find Out

Truck Driver Plows Over Peru’s 2,000-Year-Old Nazca Lines, Leaving ‘Deep Scars’
The Complete Guide to 2018’s Best Meteor Showers
Here is APOD’s pic of explorer 50 years ago
Crew member Cassi posted this extra bit:

Crew member Aqua4U is going comet hunting:

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