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December 9th, 2017 by Nick Evetts

The sun’s blank right now. Not even bothering with a link.What’s up in the sky:
Fri, Dec 08, 23h Regulus 0°.7 S. of Moon, Occn.
Sun, Dec 10, 08h LAST QUARTER
Wed, Dec 13, 02h Mercury in inferior conjunction
Wed, Dec 13, 16h Mars 4° S. of Moon
Thu, Dec 14, 14h Jupiter 4° S. of Moon
Thu, Dec 14, 19h Vesta 0°.2 N. of Moon, Occn.
Times given in UT. These events, and more can be found at:

AAVSO Alert notice 608 is out

Marty also shared a link for checking when lunar occultations will occur:​m/iota/bstar/bstar.htm

There is a few super novas going off:

Marty covered the Large Magellanic Cloud for the object of the week:

They found the furthest black hole so far:…/found-most-distant-black-hole

Speaking of life on other planets:​trogen-molecule-discovery…/

Diary of Phenomena in iCalendar format

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