Wave at NASA’s Planet-Hunting Spacecraft!

December 6th, 2017 by Tavi Greiner

On Sunday, Dec 10 / Monday, Dec 11, NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope will be imaging Earth and the Moon for a full 30-minutes, and NASA encourages all of us to wave for the photo!

Launched in 2009 as one of NASA’s Discovery missions, the planet-hunting spacecraft has since discovered thousands of candidates, more than half of which have been confirmed as exoplanets. With the craft’s fuel supply now dwindling, NASA wants to capture an image of a known inhabited planet – and the obvious target is our very own home!

You can visit the Wave at Kepler page to determine the wave time and Kepler’s sky location for your region, and browse NASA’s Kepler and K2 mission pages to learn more about the Kepler Space Telescope’s pursuit.

For a little pre-wave fun, check-out this cool 2009 Kepler lift-off gif by Walter Scriptunas! You can also browse more of Scriptunas’ fantastic launch photography, here.



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