AFM Welcomes New Team Member, Misty Dawn!

September 23rd, 2017 by Tavi Greiner

Astronomy.FM welcomes Misty Dawn (aka OceanStar and ShadeTree Philosopher) to our Social Media team! Misty is a social media maven and blogger whose projects and passions include Space, the Anime Blues Con, Cosplay, and Japanese culture. We are excited to return to regular social media communication with our listeners, so watch for Misty’s posts on our Twitter and FaceBook accounts in the days ahead!

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3 Responses to “AFM Welcomes New Team Member, Misty Dawn!”

  1. Misty Dawn says:

    Thanks Tavi & Astronomy.FM for the warm welcome! I’m really looking forward to working with your team and getting to know everyone! I’m sure it will be exciting working with some of the best in the astronomy world!

  2. Rob Keown says:

    Welcome Misty! Thanks for joining our team!

  3. Misty Dawn says:

    You’re welcome! It’s great to meet you, Rob!