The Event Horizon 2017/06/30

July 1st, 2017 by Nick Evetts

Thank you Starstorm  for tonights links !​/img/latest/latest_1024_0171.jpg​ational-asteroid-day-june-30​on-spacecraft-returns-to-earth-fr​om-the-international-space-statio​n/​about/mars-direct/​dimensions-could-influence-gravit​ational-waves/​ropa_Clipper​es/juno/main/index.html​ion/saturn-tour/where-is-cassini-​now/
Next major shower peak
Southern delta Aquariids
The Delta Aquariids are another strong shower best seen from the southern tropics. North of the equator the radiant is located lower in the southern sky and therefore rates are less than seen from further south. These meteors produce good rates for a week centered on the night of maximum. These are…
Peak Night: July 29-30th.
The moon will be 54% of full.

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