CometWatch 2017/04/15 with special guest Richard ‘Rich’ Kowalski of the Catalina Sky Survey

April 15th, 2017 by Nick Evetts

Welcome  to April’s CometWatch with Myself and Mary , unfortunately Neil has the Lurgi so can’t join us and one of our guests Chris Wyatt got called out of town but we hope to have him join us for a later show. We have a cracking interview with Richard Kowalski that Neil and I recorded earlier  for you to enjoy.

The Catalina Sky Survey

Richard Kowalski at Spacefest

Richard Kowalski

BAA Comet Section page

BAA Comet Section Visual Observations Page

BAA YouTube Channel

Project Alcock

The Astronomer

The Astronomer  Youtube Channel

The German Comet Group

Seiichi Yoshida’s page

Liga Iberoamericana de Astronomia

Comet chasing

International Comet Quarterly


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