The Event^Horizon 2017/02/17

February 18th, 2017 by Nick Evetts
The Secret Lives of the Stars -1984 April
A short circuit in the replaced main sequencer caused the second stage engines, while being tested before launch, to fire inadvertently. This detonated the first-stage fuel tanks directly below, destroying the missile in an enormous explosion. Before attempting refuge, the camera operator had remotely activated automatic cameras set around the launching pad that filmed the explosion in detail. People near the rocket were instantly incinerated; those farther away were burned to death or poisoned by the toxic fuel component vapors. Andrei Sakharov described many details—as soon as the engines were fired, most of the personnel there ran to the perimeter but were trapped inside the security fence and then engulfed in the fireball of burning fuel. The resultant explosion incinerated Nedelin, a top aide, the USSR’s top missile guidance designer, and seventy-one other officers and engineers  Missile designer Mikhail Yangel and test range commanding officer survived only because they had left to smoke a cigarette
Soviet N1 Moon Rocket Documentary
China rocket explosion

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