WNMC’s First*Light! 121207 Jamie Lee’s Gut

December 9th, 2012 by Michael Foerster

BREAKING NEWS:  Small tsunami waves hit Japan after 7.3-magnitude earthquake

1-  Anniversaries:
~ 71 years ago – Pearl Harbor Day
~ 55 years ago – Vanguard: America’s Epic Failnik
~ 40 years ago – Apollo 17 launched; today – Schmidt Wants to Break Up NASA
~ World’s oldest woman Besse Cooper dies at 116 in Georgia nursing home (1896)

2-  News from Mars:
~ Mars hype teaches science lessons
~  Don’t forget Opportunity: It’s also seeking signs of Mars life
Older rover now exploring possible habitable ancient environment on crater rim
~ NASA plans 2020 Mars rover remake

3-  China’s Space Program
~ Chang’E 2 (a re-purposed lunar probe) to fly by Asteroid 4179 Toutatis next week
~ Chang’E 3 to rove on the Moon next year

4-  Private Space:  Golden Spike space venture wants to fly you to the moon … for $1.4 billion

5-  Snow, cold missing across much of the US
Snow cover hits record lows worldwide too
Right where I was camping last summer:  Hundreds flee fire in Rocky Mountain National Park outside Denver

6-  Earliest Start to Flu Season in Nearly a Decade
Public health officials urge U.S. families to get vaccinated in preparation for what, they warn, could be a particularly bad year

7-  Congress Promotes Dangerous Anti-vaccine Quackery

8-  Yes, kids really DO get under your skin!
Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains
The connection between mother and child is ever deeper than thought

9-  Follow-up:  G’day, mate! Ocean-crossing robot reaches Australia

10-  Under Grand Traverse Skies:
Planet Dance:  Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn
Ceres & Vesta looking good

11-  WEIRD TECH!:  Helicopter parenting? Dad’s homemade drone follows kid to bus stop

12-  WEIRD TECH!:  Hppy bthdy txt msng! The text turns twenty today

13-  WEIRD TECH!:  Verizon patenting DVR that monitors for cuddling

14-  WEIRD SCIENCE!:   Help out these scientists  — send them a stool sample
American Gut Project is crowd-sourcing research that asks people to send in scrapings

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