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The Event^Horizon 2018/01/05

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

My thanks to Starstorm for joining in and getting the Maths and Links​96454@N03/39528418921/in/datepost​ed-public/

The formula for the velocity of an object at some distance r from the Sun is:

v = sqrt[GM*(2/r – 1/a)]

Where G is the universal gravitational constant, M is the mass of the Sun, and a is the planet’s semimajor axis.


The Event^ Horizon 2017/12/15

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Thank you StarStorm for taking part in  the show tonight​rtswithabang/2017/12/15/why-nasas​-kepler-mission-is-toast/#630dc29​01da0​UCLA_DiR1FfKNvjuUpBHmylQ​cexchannel​bserving/sky-at-a-glance/this-wee​ks-sky-at-a-glance-december-15-23​/​/bright-areas-on-ceres-suggest-ge​ologic-activity​uno-spacecraft-probes-jupiters-gr​eat-red-spot/​-giants-like-Jupiter-emit-radiati​on​=1LDhOvrxmi4S0eXYUQnj5DWN2LZeFwln​8

The Event^Horizon 2017/12/08

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

My thanks as always  to Starstorm  for the links this week

BlackProjects ISS Image

ISS TRAIL across the Stars


The Event^Horizon 2017/12/01

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Thank you Star Storm for the links this week


Aqua4U shared 2 of his images​re/jpl/pia21972/jupiter-blues


The Event ^Horizon 2017/11/24

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Thank you Starstorm for taking part in the live show and getting the links for this week………………….​two-way/2017/11/22/565926690/i-do​nt-believe-in-science-says-flat-e​arther-set-to-launch-himself-in-o​wn-rocket

Skyguide Paul Harper shared this  from his recent trip to Finland….​ws/polar_night_descends_on_northe​rnmost_finland/9947200


The Event Horizon 2017/11/17

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Thank you Starstorm  for this weeks links and joining us on the Air . I will add the podcast tomorrow after work.​data/synoptic/sunspots_earth/mdi_​sunspots_1024.jpg​ack_Holes_and_Time_Warps​m/astronomy-news/sky-scanning-tel​escope-sees-first-light/?utm_sour​ce=newsletter&utm_campaign=sky-jm​a-nl-171117&utm_content=982640_ED​T_SKY_171117&utm_medium=email​/jan/30-the-father-of-dark-matter​-still-gets-no-respect#.UY1J7crNm​nk​/misc/zarkov-cloud-gun.html