CometWatch Episode 5 May 8th 2015, Comets & Planetary Defence with Tony Angel & Nick Howes

May 16th, 2015 by Nick Evetts

Welcome to CometWatch! Your Hosts are Nick Evetts & Neil Norman, Two British Comet Observers & Imagers. In our Fifth show we discuss the current Comets and chat with Tony Angel & Nick Howes and we ask them some questions

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One Response to “CometWatch Episode 5 May 8th 2015, Comets & Planetary Defence with Tony Angel & Nick Howes”

  1. Pete Ellinger says:

    CometWatch Episodes – I LOVE these programs as with all of your output, especially when real astronomers get together and talk amongst themselves and to us the audience. BUT reading out lists of data on comets is NOT ON. It takes me back to the days in the 1960s when I got my first ‘transistor’ radio. Staying up late into the night listening to pirate radio and when the ionosphere allowed to radios stations from further afield such as from the USSR (Russia). These Russian stations were particularly ‘interesting’ for in the Cold War they were always bragging about tractor and other production volumes, in EXCRUCIATING detail, factory by factory, item by item, albeit a good alternative to listening to the BBC Shipping Forecast 🙂 !!! PLEASE, please I beg you, point your listeners to a web page to give your listeners details of comet discovery details AND let your contributors entertain and educate us listeners. Thank you for your time and I hope this constructive feedback is received in the spirit it is sent to help and hopefully improve something I truly value.
    Regards… PeteE